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Must Know about Sleep Apnea

Most who suffered from this kind of illness are male over 65, allergies, smoking, overweight and also those who have had a brainstem or spinal injury or have had neurological disease.

Most of person with this kind of illness don’t know they have it because it only happens during sleep, a bed partner or a family member maybe the first to become aware of this. As an outcome, the condition of your sleep is poor, that makes you exhausted during the day.

Common symptoms include:

  • Morning headaches
  • Sleepiness while driving
  • Decreased interest in sex
  • Restless sleep
  • Forgetfulness
  • Mood changes
  • Occasionally waking up with a choking or gasping sensation
  • Sleepiness or lack of energy during the day
  • Waking up with a very dry or sore throat
  • Loud snoring

Three main types:

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

  • This is the most common type of sleep apnea. The air passage in the throat is jammed for the meantime. You often wakes up catching for air. Approximately 85% cases of Obstructive sleep apnea accounts. This is more common in people who are overweight but can affect almost everyone.

Central sleep apnea (CSA)

  • Is a less common form because the brain does not tell your muscles to breathe and you’ll make no effort to breathe for brief periods. This illness is more common in people with strokes and heart problems.

Complex or mixed sleep apnea

  • This is a combination of Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and Central sleep apnea (CSA).

If you have this kind of illness, you should change your lifestyle which can lessen the condition such as losing weight, reducing reliance on sleeping pills and alcohol and stopping smoking. Other treatment is to use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine (CPAP). It requires using a mask during the night which produces air pressure to keep the air passage open.

Tips to Pick Injury Care Clinic

Primary Care Doctors

Primary care doctors are very important part of a right injury care clinic. These physicians for Primary care do systematic checkups, aid to detect problems, and refer patients to specialists. They also offer consistent access to significant amenities such as vaccinations, physical exercises and a lot more.

Full Spectrum of services as per your need

If you are looking for chiropractor in Pasadena, make sure you are selecting the best one for you. They must offer services that are precisely targeted to the type of damage you have. If you have got sprain in your ankle, you need an expert research chiropractor in sport injury. Some injury care clinics also provide a wide range of specialized services like acupuncture and cooling therapy. You should look for a chiropractor who can provide these treatments too.

Advanced Equipment

Make sure the injury care clinic you have chosen is well equipped with highly advanced medical tools like x-rays facilities, medical specialties and more. They must be ready for any urgent situation and should provide proper guidance and cure.

Insurance Covers

Looking for a chiropractor in Pasadena can be very expensive if you have to return per week basis. To tackle this situation, you should prefer such Chiropractic care center that is covered by your health insurance firm. You must contact with your insurance provider to confirm which chiropractors are covered by them. It will help you to get treatment within your budget and avoid cancellation fees on changing chiropractor.

Chiropractor must be Renowned

You should collect essential information about the Chiropractor or injury care clinic you have selected. It is better to ask from your friend or colleague about the physician that they have chosen in past. It will help you to stay away from any risk associated with treatment.

Information of Bunion

This bump or deformity is called haluxvagus, commonly known as a Bunion. It occurs when the joint tissues of the big toe get misplaced.

The pressure on the joints, imbalanced weight increase puts a pressure on the big toe making it unstable and forcing it to bend towards the other fingers which causes a bump at the end of the big toe.

It is also attributed to the toe type inherited, shoe type, high heels, ageing and arthritis. Wrong type of shoes and high heels can cause the bones of the foot to deform. Hence, women are more prone to bunions. However, there is an argument over this where some experts say that high heeled shoes to not contribute to bunion formation.

It is quite painful. Since they are at the base of the big toe, they bear a lot of weight while you walk. People who have stiffer joints or those who suffer from arthritis are more prone to bunion formation at an earlier stage.

To relieve pain, we have Aids in the market. HomeHealthCare markets a variety of Bunion Aids.

Bunion Aid relieves the pain quickly and effectively. By using the aid, deformed big toe is pulled back from the second toe hence stabilizing the arches.

It can be treated at home without surgery by wearing well fitted shoes, avoiding high heels, choosing shoes with laces or straps, ice packs and by using the aids or devices to correct the deformity of the toe.

The different kinds of devices available at the HomeHealthCareShoppe are the Silicone Toe Separator, Bunion sleeve, Aircast Bunion Aid, All Gel 5th Digit Bunion Protector etc..

Silicone Toe Separators help in reducing friction between the fingers thus helping in reducing friction and irritation between the toes. Silicone Help relieve pain of soft corns between toes.

Bunion Relief Sleeve positions a cushion like gel pad on the bunion area thus diminishing the pain. It can be worn inside a shoe that has an extra depth.

The Aircast Bunion Aid is one of the best Bunion devices. It is a 3 in 1 bunion that provides the benefits of a day and a night splint. It is a hinged bunion splint with adjustable straps and a comfortable gel cushion that protects irritated tissue, distributes pressure and provides corrective support.

All Gel 5th digit bunion protector is a guard made to protect the little toe from friction and pressure.

BortValco Premium Hallux Valgus Splint is a traditional theory that helps you to get rid of your unusual position of your big-toe. It comes with 2 Velcro fasteners that can be used to adjust the toe position.

Some people also opt for a surgery to straighten the joints and relive the bunion pain. However, a surgery is not always successful in easing the pain. Bunions can always return even after an operation, hence a specialist advice is always recommended before going in for a surgery.

Some Homeopathy Medicines For Asthma

  1. Arsenic alb – asthmatic attack of wheezing sound, difficulties in breathing, feeling of tightness of chest, frequent coughing after exposure to cold air, cold drink, cold chilled foods, and ice creams. The child if take ice-cream or cold drink gets the asthma afterwards. From exposure to chilled air from air condition or moving in cold dry air in winter season get the asthmatic attack. There is tightness of chest. Feeling of shortness of breathing. Wheezing sounds coming out when taking breath associates with cough. The all symptoms of asthma like breathing difficulties or tightness feeling in chest generally are worse in night time around mid night and in a lying posture. The patient cannot sleep feeling of more breathlessness and sits up. The patient feels better when sits up with inclined to sit forward. The patient feels very anxious due to of breathing difficulties and even so fearful think of death from it. He/ she feels restless can sit in one place and move here and there. Some persons who have had any skin disease like atopic dermatitis or eczema like skin disease in child hood or earlier days and has been treated with any ointment , but after a few years develop the asthmatic condition can be given arsenic alb.
  2. Ipecac – Ipecac is one of the best medicines given at the acute asthmatic condition. There is more wheezing sound with cough and nauseatic tendency. The patient feels breathlessness and shortness of breath due to bronchial constriction associates with suffocating cough. There is constant spasmodic cough with gagging and vomiting sensation in cough associates with difficulty breathing. The person feels so suffocative during the asthmatic cough gasps for breath and the face lips turn blue on cyanosis. The patient feels more breathlessness and suffocative feeling when in a warm room or closed room. In open air feels a bit relief. The all symptoms are worse in warm room and better in the open space or in open air.
  3. Aralia – it is also one of the best medicines for acute condition of asthma. There is tightness feeling in chest with shortness of breath associates with wheezing sound. There is cough associates with asthmatic symptoms. The cough is more during sleep at night. In the early part of sleep there is tickling sensation in the throat that initiates coughing and patients wake up on coughing with a feeling of suffocative and shortness of breath, there is wheezing or whistling sound comes during respiration. The patient feels as if something in the throat that is making irritation and causing cough. The patient feels constriction of chest with suffocative and difficult breathing. There is much wheezing sound very loud, musical whistling during both inspiration and expiration, but louder during inspiration. There is a constant desire to clear chest so that could sleep better, but on making forcible expiration to clear chest raw, burning sore feeling behind whole length of sternum. After rising in morning can raise some loose phlegm easily.
  4. Grindelia- Grindelia gives very good result in asthma especially in acute attack. The symptom of suffocative feeling is more prominent in grindelis. There is asthmatic cough with profuse thick phlegm secretion. Rattling of chest is more prominent than wheezing sound in grindelis. The expectoration of phlegm after coughing gives some relief to the asthmatic condition. There is more suffocative feeling in asthmatic attack and worst when falling asleep. Even the patient fears to go for sleep on account of suffocative feeling. There is extreme breathlessness with palpitation, faintness, inability to lie down.
  5. Natrum sulph – Asthma especially in children which generally appear at every change of weather or worse on damp rainy season. There is thick greenish yellow expectoration on coughing. The patient hold the chest while coughing. The cough is worse at 3am – 4am like kali carb. The patient sits up and holds his chest while coughing. The suffocative feeling, tightness of chest and cough are worse in damp rainy weather and relieved in open air. There is shortness of breath when walking; gradually relieve by rest. If he coughs while standing feels a sharp stitching pain in left side of chest, with shortness of breath.

All about Bedtime Tricks


Make sure your room is the place where you feel most relaxed; mind the colors around you, if it is a cluttered room you will be thinking all the time that it needs to be cleaned, and instead of helping you relax, this will add to your stress level. Pastel colors are soothing and they are usually the recommended colors, but if you absolutely hate them, then use a color that reminds you about peaceful places. Some people just can’t sleep if a minimum amount of light is in the room, so if you are one of these people try to fix this before going to bed.

Food and exercise

Eating something is soothing for some people, but eating too much, especially food that is too hard to digest like pizza, pasta, hamburgers, etc., is going to make it hard for you to have a good night’s sleep. If you have to eat something, try some fruit or yogurt, maybe a glass of warm milk and a piece of toast with organic jam (just the sugar from the fruit). Also try avoiding drinking too much water before your bedtime. Exercise is great, it liberates endorphins and keeps your stress manageable, but doing it too late will also give you a hard time falling asleep. Try avoiding exercise at least 4 hours before your bedtime.

Bedtime basics

Try doing things that soothe you, rather than things that wake you up: avoid the use of cell phones, laptops and televisions as much as you can before or while trying to sleep. Many of these items have proved to excite your mind and make it harder to fall asleep. Clothing is very important too; clothing too tight or too loose can be uncomfortable and will make you pull it up and down every few minutes. Choose to wear clothing that works for the season; some people feel good just wearing an old t-shirt or shorts to bed, while some of us love wearing cozy and snuggly adult onesie pajamas. Whatever you choose, it is all about you feeling comfortable and sleeping well.

Recovery for Ankle Injuries

Sprained ankle recovery – The sprain results from mild damage or stretching of ligaments, which are located on the outer part of ankle. In Grade I sprain, the R.I.C.E treatment is the most commonly applied process. It comprises of rest with limited weight bearing, application of ice by enveloping it in a piece of cloth, compression, along with the elevation of foot. In Grade II and Grade III, which requires immobilization and surgery respectively, rest is inevitable for efficient recovery.

Broken Ankle recovery – If an individual on a bed rest after going through broken ankle surgery, diet management becomes necessary for effective recovery. Alcoholic beverages must be prohibited as they can slow down the process of recovery. Even excessive sugar and sodas can have a negative impact on it. On the other hand, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D3 supplements can boost up the process of recovery.

A warm foot bath is another essential process that will help in loosening of muscles of ankle region. This is generally followed by the application of ice packs.

Recovery from Peroneal tendon disorder – For minor issues related to peroneal tendon, strengthening and stretching exercises are sufficient for effective recovery. Rest, along with the use of mobility support are also part of the recovery phase. In the cases of severe damage of the tendon, surgery is necessary.

After going through the surgery of peroneal tendon, patients generally require a rest of 6 to 7 weeks. During this period, keeping the ankle elevated is essential to make sure timely recovery. After the cast is removed, the physical therapy is advised by the doctor as a part of continual treatment. This may include exercises like calf stretches, hip crunches and towel crunches. Use of ice packs is also recommended to control the swelling of ankle region.

Use of iWalk2.0 in ankle injuries

In all these ankle issues, the use of crutches becomes inevitable to minimize the weight bearing. A large number of patients are depending on iWalk2.0 due to its multiple benefits during recovery phase. This device helps the patients to perform their regular activities seamlessly, as the hands remain free while taking its support. It also prevents them from pain in hands or arms, which is caused by the regular crutches.

Tricks to Diagnose Asthma in Children

Among all the respiratory ailments, which might affect your child, the most dangerous is asthma. Asthma in children is highly persistent. Most of the times, it is discovered that the condition of asthma is inherited by the child genetically. This means that the disorder cannot be cured, however it can be effectively treated and managed with intensive therapy. Today, a number of breathing therapies have been developed by medical researchers which have been proven to be quite effective in pacifying the symptoms of bronchial asthma.

However, all asthmatic conditions are not hereditary. Some of these are caused by allergic reactions. As children like to play outdoors, and do not have the skill to protect the oral and nasal cavities from external substances, it is highly likely for them to get affected by allergens such as pollen grains, smoke etc. Allergies that affect the nasal cavity are known as allergic rhinitis and is quite common among children. In such cases, parents need not panic at all. Instead, they should arrange for proper medication as soon as possible. Anti-histamines are considered highly effective treatment. Most anti-histamines are sold over the counter in medical stores.

In infants, it might be very difficult to diagnose the condition. In some cases, the infant might be suffering from a respiratory difficulty without the knowledge of the parents. As infants cannot express their pain effectively, they might keep suffering unable to communicate the problem. This is exactly the reason why parents should monitor every slight change in the behaviour of the child. The best way to identify a respiratory ailment in infants is to check the breathing pattern of the baby while he or she is sleeping. If the infant makes any kind of wheezing sound in its sleep, a physician needs to be consulted.

Advantages for Fight Against Diseases

1.Sleep keeps our heart healthy: Heart disease is a major cause of death. Heart attacks and strokes are more frequent during early morning hours. This information could be explained by the way sleep interacts with the artery. Taking less nap increase blood pressure & cholesterol of a person, such are the risk factors for heart disease and heart failure. Facing cholesterol or blood pressure problems leads to heart attacks as flow of blood to the heart muscle supply less in amount due to clotting in the arteries. These broken blood flows destroy part of the heart muscle.

2.Nap may stop cancer: People working on night shift are chances of having breast and colon cancer. Since they do not get much sleep due to bright light & their hormones inside the body known as melatonin become less in amount. Melatonin is a hormone inside our body that tends to give sleep & protect us from having cancer. If such hormones are in shortage amount in the body, person can cause risk of cancers. So, it is necessary to have sleep at night & work at day time so that its help our body to make the melatonin it needs.

3.Reduction of stress due to sleep: When our body has incomplete sleep, it goes into a condition of stress. The body’s functions are set on high alert which leads to increase in blood pressure & a production of stress hormones. More the blood pressure more is the risk of having heart attacks & strokes. Stress hormones too unluckily, make it harder for you to sleep. Acquire knowledge of how to be free from anxiety & tension to oppose the effects of stress. Certain stress reduction techniques for asleep are also available.

4.Overcome depression due to slumber: Sleeping influence lots of chemicals in your body, including serotonin, a chemical occurring in brain known as neurotransmitter. People having shortage of such chemical possibly to suffer from depression. To prevent from having depression, take right amount of sleep at least 7 to 9 hours each night.

5.Nap bolsters your memory: Memory consolidation is a process of transferring information from short-term memory to long-term memory. Such process occurs during taking nap. Whereas when our body is sleeping, our brain is busy processing your day, sensory input, memories, etc. Dreaming and taking deep nap are an important time for your brain to make memories and links. Getting more time for napping will help you remember & process things better.

6.Slumbering assist to reduce weight: People taking nap less in amount per night are possibly to be overweight. Shortage of sleep effect the stability of hormones in the body that have an effect on appetite. The hormones ghrelin and leptin are important rule of appetite that has found to be disturbs due to lack of sleep. So, to have decrease in body weight, take at least 8 hours sleep per day.

All about Physiotherapy

1. Sports Injuries: Sportsmen as well know are born fighters however they sometimes suffer major injuries that threaten their career. Making an attempt at therapy helps to relax the bones and muscles like few alternative things will and permits the person to realize their potential quicker and too the fullest.

2. For Pregnant Women: Since ladies have to be compelled to modify their postures drastically over the course of a number of months and also the further weight typically plays mayhem with their lower back, it’s best to undertake out therapy to know the pain, while not having to require any medicines which may be harmful for the baby.

3. Weight Management: Such a big amount of folks have insecurities with our bodies and battle with weight problems. therapy will relax and work the muscles far more once which regular exercise might not work on. It additionally improves digestion, and helps to assimilate the food higher instead of permitting it to be inside the body as fat.

4. Chronic Pain: These are various pains that are typically unaccounted for. we have a tendency to blame it on maturity and inflammatory disease and alternative unexplained factors. Rather than choosing harmfull medicines, therapy exercises are best-known to produce long lasting relief in most cases.

5. Before or Post Surgery: Bound system problems have to be compelled to be taken care of before a surgery, or when it for fast and economical recovery. Therapy is the most suitable choice to try and do it, while not having to swallow medicines which may have poor effects or that the patient may not be ready to consume due to their condition.

6. Accident Injuries: Usually injured person can face PTSD and develop certain fears. In such cases in becomes difficult for the person to move. Some internal wound can cause lasting side effects on the body. However through right procedure most of these intense problems could be solved with extra movement, help in increasing the flexibility and strengthening the muscles in less time.

Tips to Fight Migraine Naturally With Chiropractic

There are many forms of medicine that people believe in. Some believe in conventional methods while some go for modern medicinal practices. Chiropractic relies on the body’s natural healing process to provide relief from many body ailments such as neurological conditions, blood pressure, headaches, back pain, neck pain and asthma. Chiropractic treatment does not use drugs or any form of surgery. It involves stretching and moving the spine to provide relief from various issues. Chiropractors also provide migraine headache treatments by working on the spinal column. Chiropractic treatments have proven to be effective in the reduction of migraine headaches.

The exact cause of a migraine is still not known. Headaches can be caused due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to stress, dehydration, lack of proper diet, exposure to chemical fumes and pollution and other internal issues in the body. But these headaches do not last for long and there are no special symptoms. But migraine headaches are different. They can last for hours or even days. It usually starts with a strong throbbing pain on one side of the head. An individual experiencing a migraine attack usually tend to be very sensitive to light and sound. For migraine headache treatments people usually rely on over-the counter medicines and anti-inflammatory drugs that are non steroidal in nature. Proper chiropractic techniques when administered by a good chiropractor can help prevent these migraine attacks to a large extent.

Chiropractic migraine headache treatments involve examining your case thoroughly. A chiropractor will take into account the symptoms, frequency of your migraine headaches, your lifestyle and the drugs you take and suggest a treatment accordingly. Although you take medications for your headache, it can only give a temporary relief. But a chiropractor, by making changes to your spinal column, can help prevent migraines from occurring. There are a lot of factors that could trigger a migraine attack. Your chiropractor offering migraine headache treatments will find out the cause and work with you to design a treatment schedule that could be very effective in preventing and alleviating your painful headaches.